Lippi June – Review

June’s Lippi box will be my 3rd one subscribing to them, finishing the minimum subscription term you have to take out! I actually really enjoyed the following box, you can even see the overall box improving! Check out my 1st and 2nd box for more details on price, previous products etc!


My Box – The contents of my June box are pictured above and include:

  • Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara – Black mascara from Revlon, can’t really go wrong with this! Yet to test it out as I’m waiting to finish my current one, but looking forward to giving it a go!
  • W7, Easy Peel Face Mask, Charcoal – Who doesn’t love a face mask? and a peely charcoal one too! Never used W7 skincare products before, so will be interesting to see what this is like!
  • Soho Chic, Velvet Liquid Lipstick – I love velvet liquid lipsticks and currently am growing quite a collection! I’ve not heard of this brand before but the colour looks amazing, a perfect nude!
  • Beauty Cuticle Trimmer – I paint my nails a lot, especially as I have a gel lamp, but I never do anything to my cuticles, which some people may be horrified at. But in my own personal opinion, my cuticles are there for a reason and really don’t need to be pushed back and damaged, so doubt I’ll be using this product.

Overall Opinion – This has probably been my favourite box from Lippi! It’s a really nice range of products, I love the colour of the lipstick, can’t get enough of face masks and have been thinking how I need a new mascara! I am also really happy that they have included an information card about the box contents, this really helps the box feel more complete!

Would I have it again? – As I’ve come to the end of the 3month subscription I have cancelled for now, its an interesting concept have a 3month minimum term, but also good as you get to try the boxes from month to month! I would say that there are better value boxes on the market, such as Birchbox, but Lippi is a much smaller company so their prices will naturally be higher, I would recommend them though as you do receive full sized products! However, for now I feel I need to take a break from having so many cosmetic subscription boxes!


Birchbox June – Review

This month’s Birchbox is a bit of a special one as its their 5th Birthday! For this they have created a limited edition tin instead of the usual box/draw. I’ve first saw it being promoted on their Instagram I couldn’t wait to receive mine, I’ve yet to work out what to use it for, may just take it into work as a decorative tin for all my postit notes!


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Lola’s Apothecary – BlogConLDN

Another one of the amazing brands I met at BlogConLDN was Lola’s Apothecary a wonderfully brand based down in Devon who have a great range of handmade products! They smell and look amazing too, most of their massage oils contain flower petals, stems of lavender etc, it really adds to the quality and look of the product!

IMG_4801 2

They have a wide range of products from body and massage oils, body soufflés, tea and even chocolate! The latter being a bit of a surprise when I was having a look around on their website! I can’t wait to try out some more of their products, along with the sample they gave me at BlogConLDN, which smells amazing and even their samples look fantastic!

Making Your Own Air Plant Terrarium

Recently while at work I’ve decided that I need a little extra colour around my desk, its generally very grey and black with walls and screens! So I started doing some research online into what kind of plants are good in indoor light, I do have bright office lighting, but I don’t sit near a window so the only place to receive natural light would be on the top of my pen wall! One of the types of plant which came up were Tillandsia or Air Plants, which will grow under indoor and fluorescent lights, generally they are easy to look after and you can create some great displays with them!


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Jewellery Box – BlogConLDN

While attending BlogConLDN I came across Jewellery Box and its lovely representatives! I did stand there for quite a while having a chat about what they did and explaining my blog to them!


They create some amazing pieces all from sterling silver and many of their designs can be found dipped in rose gold and gold too! They had a fantastic selection on display which I totally adored! You can pretty much find something for every occasion on their website, perfect for yourself or as gifts, I’ll certainly be keeping them in mind for any future jewellery gift purchases!

At BlogConLDN they were giving away surprise jewellery boxes in which I received a very cute horseshoe charm bracelet! A big thank you to Jewellery Box for that as it’s so nice!


I may have also heard rumours about them thinking of doing a subscription box, which for me is super exciting!