Dolls House Renovation

I haven’t really done much on my blog over the last couple of weeks so thought I’d write something about a little project I’ve started, or rather re-started!

Over 11 years ago my parents bought me a rather fancy dollhouse kit which I started to build with my dad. It was great fun and something I always enjoyed playing with, even though 11 years later it still wasn’t completely finished, mainly missing a set of stairs and the upstairs walls/decorations. Recently with our house move looming I’ve been wondering what to do with it, I do like it as a piece of furniture as it is something rather unique. With this in mind I decided to renovate the whole house, not just finishing it but giving the whole house a much more modern look. A lot of dollhouses are very victorian in style but I’d prefer to create something a lot more up-to-date. I also wanted to try to do it on a small budget (as much as possible).

The first step in my renovation was planning what I wanted to do. Originally the house layout was as follows; ground floor – kitchen and living room, first floor – master bedroom and bathroom, second floor – completely open, just one bedroom/playroom space.

Keeping in mind my modern theme I wanted to re-do the second floor – move the master bedroom up, add an en-suite and create an extra room which could become an office/music room. The original bedroom on the first floor could then become a spare/guest bedroom. Really I just wanted to create the ultimate show house!

With my plan in place I then headed off to B&Q where my mum and I walked around the wallpaper section picking out suitable samples for the dollhouse. This is a bit cheeky but a budget is a budget! I managed to get a good number of samples trying to imagine what each room would look like. You can buy specific dollhouse wallpaper online, but looking for something ultra modern, B&Q has the most up-to-date styles (and samples are free). I  bought some square dowel rods to create two new sets of banister rails and a 9mm thick A3 piece of MDF. As a great tip I’d recommend finding the “cut-offs” section in B&Q, the MDF piece was only 50p, the prefect size for what I needed!

Since then I have re-shaped both sets of stairs, cut out the correct sizes for the stair openings and filled in landings. This was the more challenging part, making sure I got all the dimensions correct so it would fit properly. I have also started to re-wallpaper and re-floor (also with wallpaper) some of the rooms. I have a selection of before and after photos below to show the current progress.

Above: Living room – before and after. Walls and floor have both been redone. Floor is actually a stripy wood effect wallpaper which looks great for flooring! Overall it looks a lot more fresh and airy. The wallpaper is also slightly glittery which really helps brighten the whole room.

Above: Kitchen – before and after. Again floor is wallpaper, looks perfectly like large kitchen tiles! The kitchen is also a lot brighten than before getting rid of the dark flooring. I haven’t put the table and chairs back in yet, I’m going to attempt to repaint them to make them lighter. For this room I still need use some white paint on the ceiling to get rid of previous glue marks. I will be getting a new light at some point.

Over the next few weeks I hope to have the main decoration finished. To this date the whole project has only cost £2.60, this however will start to increase as I begin to look for new lights and furniture for the house. I am greatly pleased with the work I’ve done so far, its really starting to look much better!


Candy Coat – Box #2

Candy Coat review number 2! Although slightly accidental as I didn’t mean to subscribe for another month so soon, not at all disappointed that I did though, great mistake!

Cost – £13 +£2 P&P, not changed since last month!

My Box – In this months box I received the usual nail art tools, very similar to my previous box, but you can never have enough files or art sticks! Secondly I received a toe/finger separator, which will be great for toes! Next there was a lollipop themed foot file, I have never used one of these before so it will be interesting to see how it goes! Finally the three colours received are great, and different shades to last time! the middle pink/purple one changes colour with temperature which is super cool and fun!

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Why having a clear out is so refreshing…

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have just finished university and am in the process of looking for my own rented house along with currently moving house with my parents. It’s actually rather useful that we are all moving as its making the three of us (my parents and me) have a very large clear out of our current house.

Over the last few days I have spent a lot of time in our loft going through what feels like endless boxes! I have also been doing the same in my bedroom with all my draws and cupboards. Together we have all found a lot of stuff which we no longer need, many of it has just been forgotten as its been out of sight.

Although it can be hard “getting rid” of stuff which has personal meaning, I find that it is rather refreshing! Its nice going back over memories of things but also clearing out gives a great sense of looking toward the future, starting a new chapter. It also makes me feel much more like an adult!

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June PotM – Rub Rub Rub by Lush

I have been meaning to start my Product of the Month, PotM, section of my blog for a little while and have found the perfect product to start with!

Product name: Rub Rub Rub by Lush

Product description: A great natural body scrub which can be used everyday. Lush boast about their products containing mostly natural ingredients and are all hand made, this body scrub is no exception to that rule! The main ingredients are mineral-rich sea salt, lemon juice, mimosa absolute and jasmine flower infusion. Sea salt is a fanatic ingredient for body scrubs as its not only a wonderful exfoliant but also has antiseptic properties!

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Friction Free Shaving – Month 3

This month I received my second instalment of FFS (friction free shaving). I have the bi-monthly subscription with them so receive new blade sets every couple on months, this is after receiving the first box with the razor handle, blades and shaving cream.

Cost – For just the blades its £8, this is the slightly more expensive option but I prefer 5 blade razors. You can also opt to receive the shaving cream again this is an extra £6 per month.Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 08.55.18

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Box Fun

Over the last couple of months I’ve had great fun reviewing a number of different subscription boxes including: Candy Coat, TreatBox, Friction Free Shaving and World of Wizardry! I am always looking for new boxes to review, currently I have my eye on a couple of pet boxes and more lifestyle boxes! If anyone has any box suggestions please feel free to contact me, I always enjoy hearing about new boxes!

The boxes are highly enjoyable to review and I really hope that people find them interesting and useful to read, I have had some great positive comments on people taking out subscriptions after reading my reviews which is fantastic to read! I also try to include discount codes where possible to help others out!

I’m hoping to start writing a fair few more blog posts over the next coming weeks, not just about reviews but also personal experiences. I have just finished university and am going through the exciting process of not only moving house with my parents but also looking for a place of my own, so hope to be able to write some advice to those looking for a place to live! This will fall more into the lifestyle category of my blog which I really haven’t worked on for a while! (typical university and exams)

So keep your eyes open for much more content! Cx


Treatbox – June review

On my long list of UK subscription boxes the next one in line was TreatBox. They offer monthly subscription boxes as well as being able to create boxes on an individual basis to give as gifts. Its a really nice idea as you can completely personalise a box! I went for their one-off monthly subscription box for June!

This months theme was all about the beach, a great idea for a summer month!

Cost – One-off £12.95 – as usual this reduces less for a longer period of subscription. The price for building your own also varies depending on the amount of products you choose to put in the box.

What do you get? – This is slightly tricky to answer, mainly lifestyle products, small items for the home, art, confectionary, stationary etc.

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