Birchbox Review – February

As the end of February is nearing I thought I’d better get on with my February Birchbox review before my March one arrives! I’ve had this for a little while, but decided to write about it separately to my other two boxes from Birchbox.


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C.A.B Facebook Page!

With my current renewed enthusiasm for my blog I’ve decided I need to try to promote it much  more! I currently just post on Instagram and my private Facebook about new posts so decided to set up a public Facebook page to keep people updated with new content, look for new subscription box suggestions and generally just try to increase my audience!


If you prefer seeing new content pop-up on Facebook then go like my page here!

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Birch Box – Review

For some reason I have only now just got around to trying out Birchbox, considering its been one of the longest standing beauty boxes within the UK I can’t believe its taken me this long. In January they had a great deal on which I just couldn’t ignore, then within a week I found 3 of their boxes in my post! The January offer was “buy one get a free mystery box”, as I subscribed at the end of January, the subscription also went over into February (hence the 3 boxes). This post will be for January and my mystery box, I’m working on a separate one for February’s box. (Psst – Keep scrolling for £5 off your first box!)


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Lush for a Month!

A couple of weeks ago I came up with a radical plan; change all my daily skin and hair care products to ones from Lush and see what happens. A bit random I know, but recently I’ve been thinking about what goes into these daily products. I’ve read through some ingredients on shampoo and moisturizers and realized that I don’t know what half of them are, especially the synthetic chemicals and products! Lush boast about their more natural products, which are animal cruelty free, suitable for vegans, sustainable, charitable etc. A long list of good company ethics, ingredients and practices!

I already know that my skin is so much better since using Rub Rub Rub, a body scrub from Lush. I’ve also had some bath bombs, facemasks and toothytabs, so am familiar with the brand.

With my plan in mind I started by writing down a list of all the products I use on a daily, bi-daily and weekly basis – then, with the aid of the Lush website and many reviews, I matched up my own products to those found at Lush.

I will be using the following products:


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ScrawlrBox – November & January

I have fallen way behind on posting reviews on my subscription boxes, something which will hopefully improve over the next few weeks! I have now received 4 boxes from ScrawlrBox, although 1 I have given to my Mum as a mini present! This is a quick catch up for the November and January boxes, just to show you their contents. This is a must have subscription for any art lover!

Cost – £15 each including P&P. I was still on the monthly payments, really should have taken out one of the 3months worth which works out a little cheaper!

November Box

The November box came with a bubbles challenge which I’m really looking forward to trying out at some point! Plus, fineliners are always useful!


January Box

The twin tip magic markers in this box look fantastic, such bold colours! One is pink, the other green, so I’m not sure how well they will go together – or perhaps thats the point!


Overall – Two great boxes! I look forward to playing around with them properly, unfortunately I haven’t had much of a chance yet! But as always, they are great quality products!