Advent Challenge D3 – Christmas Jumpers

One of the best things about December is the acceptance that its okay to wear really colourful, sparkly and crazy jumpers – enter…the Christmas Jumper! Now an essential part of the festive season with jumper days, parties etc. Naturally I have one, but am on the look out for a new one therefore, I decided that for Day 3 of my Advent Challenge I’d have a look online and make a collection of my favorite Christmas Jumpers!

The first place I checked was Tesco Online and I was amazed at the number of Christmas jumpers they do! Below are my top four!


From actual high street stores I couldn’t find too much (Haven’t actually checked Primark properly, that’s a more in-store job) I checked a few places but it was rather limited with prices ranging greatly!


Next was the turn of two of the biggest online shops – BooHoo and Asos. If you’re a guy looking for a Christmas jumper go straight to Asos, they have a great range! BooHoo is also great for themed jumpers including Harry Potter!


I found all this lot in 30mins worth of looking online, so there is definitely a lot out there, personally I think trips to Tesco and Dorothy Perkins are needed!


Advent Challenge 2017

A couple of years ago a completed a Blog Advent Challenge in which I wrote a blog post everyday throughout advent. I have decided to challenge myself to do the same this year, 24 posts over 24 days! All of them will be different, covering a range of topics (baking, crafts, gifts) but will all have a Christmas theme!

I am currently totally under-prepared for this challenge, bit of a last minute decision, so it will be interesting to see how it goes! I do plan on sitting down this weekend to work out a rough plan and will try to avoid duplicating posts from my previous attempt at this, although some posts will have some similar themes!

Overall it should be good fun and I’m hoping it will really get me back into using my blog!

The countdown to Christmas begins…


By Kady – product review

Any Love Island fans from 2016 will know the name Kady. A runner up of the series who has gone on to start her make-up empire – and so far, she’s doing very well! I’ve been watching her and her business grow on instagram for some time and with my first payday decided it was time I fully checked out her products!

So for the hundredth time I went onto the By Kady website and this time actually added a number of products into my “shopping basket”. I got the 10% payday discount she seems to offer every month and then excitedly awaited the postman. I didn’t have to wait long as the received the products well within a week of ordering, which is fantastic!

IMG_3270 2

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Imperial Candles – Product of the Month

As a candle fan as soon as I found out about Imperial Candles I couldn’t wait to get one! So after my first pay day I was straight on their website and pre-ordered their Spooky Halloween Edition candle!


The company – Imperial candles hide a piece of jewellery inside their products; candles, wax melts and bath bombs, something rather unique on the candle market! They have an amazingly wide range of smells and all their products look stunning!

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Facetory – unboxing

A few weeks ago I came across Facetory on Instagram, their box looked so good that I ordered straight away! I have also been on the look out for a Korean face mask box after hearing a lot of good things about them! Get a $2 discount using the link at the end of this post!

Cost – Facetory has two different plans, their FOUR-ever fresh box at $5.95 plus  $2.95 shipping and their SEVEN LUX at $15.95 play $3.95 shipping. This shipping cost includes postage to the UK. I paid around £22 for the SEVEN LUX box. Billing is monthly and you can cancel at any time!

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 17.29.11

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Alternative Advent Calendars 2017

Over the last couple of years there has been a surge in “alternative” advent calendars, in which you receive 24 gifts each day throughout advent which have nothing to do with chocolate! I have previously had the Yankee candle calendar in 2015 and the Sanctuary Spa calendar in 2016.

How do you choose which calendar? – is the big question that faces you when looking for an advent calendar. For me I usually set a budget and then just hunt around! But of course the calendars can be split down into different categories which really helps with choice! If your a beauty fan, go beauty- like a tipple, find something boozy.

Therefore while looking for this years calendar of choice I decided to pull together a list of (in my opinion) the best calendars out there for under £55.



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