June PotM – Rub Rub Rub by Lush

I have been meaning to start my Product of the Month, PotM, section of my blog for a little while and have found the perfect product to start with!

Product name: Rub Rub Rub by Lush

Product description: A great natural body scrub which can be used everyday. Lush boast about their products containing mostly natural ingredients and are all hand made, this body scrub is no exception to that rule! The main ingredients are mineral-rich sea salt, lemon juice, mimosa absolute and jasmine flower infusion. Sea salt is a fanatic ingredient for body scrubs as its not only a wonderful exfoliant but also has antiseptic properties!

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Friction Free Shaving – Month 3

This month I received my second instalment of FFS (friction free shaving). I have the bi-monthly subscription with them so receive new blade sets every couple on months, this is after receiving the first box with the razor handle, blades and shaving cream.

Cost – For just the blades its £8, this is the slightly more expensive option but I prefer 5 blade razors. You can also opt to receive the shaving cream again this is an extra £6 per month.Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 08.55.18

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Box Fun

Over the last couple of months I’ve had great fun reviewing a number of different subscription boxes including: Candy Coat, TreatBox, Friction Free Shaving and World of Wizardry! I am always looking for new boxes to review, currently I have my eye on a couple of pet boxes and more lifestyle boxes! If anyone has any box suggestions please feel free to contact me, I always enjoy hearing about new boxes!

The boxes are highly enjoyable to review and I really hope that people find them interesting and useful to read, I have had some great positive comments on people taking out subscriptions after reading my reviews which is fantastic to read! I also try to include discount codes where possible to help others out!

I’m hoping to start writing a fair few more blog posts over the next coming weeks, not just about reviews but also personal experiences. I have just finished university and am going through the exciting process of not only moving house with my parents but also looking for a place of my own, so hope to be able to write some advice to those looking for a place to live! This will fall more into the lifestyle category of my blog which I really haven’t worked on for a while! (typical university and exams)

So keep your eyes open for much more content! Cx


Treatbox – June review

On my long list of UK subscription boxes the next one in line was TreatBox. They offer monthly subscription boxes as well as being able to create boxes on an individual basis to give as gifts. Its a really nice idea as you can completely personalise a box! I went for their one-off monthly subscription box for June!

This months theme was all about the beach, a great idea for a summer month!

Cost – One-off £12.95 – as usual this reduces less for a longer period of subscription. The price for building your own also varies depending on the amount of products you choose to put in the box.

What do you get? – This is slightly tricky to answer, mainly lifestyle products, small items for the home, art, confectionary, stationary etc.

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World Of Wizardry – May Review

As a Harry Potter fan I couldn’t wait to try out the World of Wizardry box from Geek Gear. I had seen a couple of previous boxes online which all looked pretty good so went ahead and ordered one!

Cost – £19.99 per month, although this does decrease slightly if you use upfront pre-paid plans for 3/6/12 months. This price doesn’t include postage which does vary slightly depending on where you live as they ship to a large number of countries.

What do you get? – Each box is personalised to the subscribers choice of house, or you can opt for a surprise. This means that some of the items change slightly from person to person, generally just in colour and style depending on what you have picked. The box also usually comes with a wearable item and can include officially licensed products (but not always). It is however all Harry Potter themed!

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Friction Free Shaving (ffs) – review

Over the last few months I have heard a lot about Friction Free Shaving, more commonly known as ffs, and so with a discount code from a friend I decided to check it out myself!

Cost – This slightly varies depending on which subscription you go for. I went for the full £14, which includes the 5blade razor with shaving cream and four blade heads. The 5blade on its own is £8 per month and 3blade razor is £5. usually a 5blade razor Gillette Venus from Boots costs around £10.50, which only includes 1 blade head, ffs shaving provides you with 4 blade sets, one for each week for a month. So clearly its certainly value for money!

What do you get? – First time around – the rose gold razor handle, four blade heads, 1 100ml shaving cream (optional). Every month after; 4 blade sets and cream (optional).

My Box – As previously mentioned I opted for the 5blade razor “Samantha” along with the shaving cream. On first impressions I do like the way ffs is packaged. Its neat and very clear, also the prefect letter box size. The razor handle feels good, its has a good weight to it, metal and a plastic/rubber mix, it certainly looks well made. The blade heads are packaged in twos within plastic holders, this keeps the protected and is great for storage. The blade heads are very easy to attach onto the handle by simply pushing the handle onto the blade head while it is still in the holder. The cream has a nice subtle scent, I could mostly smell the honey.


Opinion – Today was leg shaving day, so I have been able to fully test out the product! Its recommended that you shower, put the cream on and leave it for a minute or so to sink in and help soften hairs to remove them easier. So I did all that and then, cautiously at first, got shaving! The razor really is good, I was concerned to start with as I’m used to razors which the soap around the edges, with this it feels like you’re getting much more of a close shave. The razors are much more similar to mens razors than womens. It certainly left my legs feeling very smooth, no cuts either which is a great bonus! I did notice that there was also very few small bumps where I had irritated my skin, which is fantastic. Overall I am highly impressed, the product is good quality and works really well! Nice job ffs!

Would I have it again? – The simple answer to this is yes, I would have the box again. However, I do not shave enough to use a new blade head every week, I have light/fine hair so don’t need to shave that often and I really hope that they are suitable for more than just one use, after one use the blades still look very sharp and ready for another day! Really I don’t need a new blade head for every week, probably only every 3-4weeks. So the subscription for me may not work too well. Great for one-offs every few months though!

Discount Code – 30% for new subscribers using my referral code: X6Q5IE

Candy Coat – April Review

Nail art is somewhat of a hobby of mine, even more so recently when a friend bought me a UV gel nail lamp! With this in mind I decided to look for subscription boxes which specialised in all things nails! This search led me to find Candy Coat, who sell their colours and tools separately online as well as doing two monthly subscription boxes; 1 on normal nail varnish and another for gel nail varnish. I signed up for April’s box and have been eagerly waiting for its arrival, then it showed up in my mail box on tuesday!

Cost – £13 +£2 P&P – Pretty much standard subscription box cost, within the normal range!

What do you get? – For the gel box; 3 gel polishes, these are a surprise. A few sweets and various nail art/nail tools.

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