Kylie Cosmetics – Real vs Fake

Due to the sheer size and scale of social media it is hard to escape the reach of brands, Kylie Cosmetics is one of the biggest, with 13.9 million followers on Instagram alone! With this huge influence and a few personal recommendations I decided to give Kylie Cosmetics a go for myself!


However, living in the UK poses a slight problem with Kylie Cosmetics – finding the right place to buy it. This actually should be easy as Kylie Cosmetics is the ONLY place you will find genuine products – at a cost. (the sneaky customs charge is a bit of a pain, I wasn’t expecting the extra £15 charge from Royal Mail saying it couldn’t be delivered as customs hadn’t been paid – Kylie Cosmetics really needs to solve this as its unfortunately a common problem, although in the small print in FAQ they do warn you, a tad sneaky in my opinion still – it should be made clearer at checkout!)

If cost is a problem there are a lot of similar products at cheaper prices, or even fake versions of Kylie Cosmetics. Here you need to be careful, fakes are after all fakes, with trusted brands you at least know whats going into the product! Although, I actually decided it would be interesting to buy some fakes and really see if theres that much of a difference…

And yes, theres a HUGE difference…

Firstly, packaging – below shows the real and fake side by side and from this it is clear that the colours definitely don’t match. The back of the packaging is also different, the font size and spacing. Its also interesting to note that on the fake the copyright symbol was missing!

The product – Obviously different! The bottle is a different size and the printed branding is terrible, rubs off so easily. It is also clear that there is a colour difference between the two and the application of the fake product was terrible. You can see how thick and blotchy it was compared to the real product, in comparison the real is so easy and smooth to apply!

Overall FAKES – I managed to find the worst fakes possible – as a tip NEVER use the following website – – they will rip you off taking your money, providing fakes and ignore all attempts at communication – They are based and ship from China.

Overall REAL – I love it! Simply put, the lip kit pencil and matt lipstick are amazing! So easy to apply, I use Kylies trick of applying the pencil all over first and then fill over with the lipstick. The product also survived a meal out at Byron Burgers – highly impressed! I also find its quite an addictive brand, with the recent unveiling of Kylie’s 20th Birthday collection I immediately want everything possible, it just looks fantastic! The biggest question I do have to ask myself though is “is it worth the money?” This is a tricky one, without the extra customs charge I’d probably say yes, you pay for what you get and it really is quality. With the customs charge? I’m not so sure – however, Kylie Cosmetics do some good deals like buy-one-get-one-free, something I’ll keep my eye out for!


I do also want to try out a few other brands, one in particular is By Kady. Anyone familiar with Love Island will know her from the 2016 series. Since then she has started her own make up brand, which she sells her own matt lipstick collection – on my next payday I’ll certainly give it a try, product vs product By Kady is a similar price to Kylie Cosmetics, however no customers and packaging is a LOT cheaper and…I get to support a British Brand!


3 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics – Real vs Fake

  1. Tasnia says:

    oh my god, i ordered my kylie lip kit from that website and now that i’ve seen this review, i’m regretting it! how do i cancel the order?? PLEASE TELL ME!!


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