Me My Suit and Tie – Guest Review

The following review is written by a good friend of mine (Kirsty) who has recently tried out the Me My Suit and Tie and volunteered to write a review for it which I could publish for her on my blog! With that in mind, the floor (or page) is over to Kirsty;

So Me My Suit and tie, seemingly a great concept! the idea of getting different items every month that quirk up the month in the office, to bring a smile to your day with the promise of a new tie and colourful matching socks and a variance of other items you may need. So to start with, the ordering process was pretty simple, on the website, they offer a monthly or bi-monthly subscription and the first month is an amazing half price at £15 with the code MMST at checkout!

Delivery however wasn’t great, the box was a bit damaged and I had to contact them several times to receive it initially as they were having issues with their distributor, this didn’t help me remain positive regarding their service, but I did eventually receive the box about 10-13days late.

The box itself was a very classy black making it feel semi-luxury although I was very disappointed that it didn’t have anything inside to let you know the months theme, or about the company, hints to the next month, literally nothing to make it feel like a continuing box and absolutely no personal touches. In my box, which I bought as a gift for my boyfriend was a knitted purple tie to match spring colours and a matching pair of socks of good quality! They also sent metal branded collar inserts a nice change from the plastic ones you usually find in most shirts. It also included a purple berry pin, this was a bit random, a bit cute but felt a little strange although usable. The box was finished with a purple and white pocket square which if you were going for an event like a wedding could be a nice summery touch.

Overall it is probably a nice gift and definitely worth the price for the first box but hard to think about being an ongoing customer with a £30 price tag, no visibility on what you may be receiving (although some months have definitely had £30 worth; including belts) and no personal touches, I literally could go to a shop like Debenhams and buy a tie, so why would I use them regularly? A tough but honest review! Definitely would recommend getting the first box, just as £15 is a great price for the contents and its a bit quirky. Hopefully they continue to improve as they expand as it’s definitely a worthwhile treat concept.


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