Boxcitement – July review

My second subscription box this month was from Boxcitement, another one to tick off my long list!

Cost – £18 for a one-off. Price does drop for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. There is free postage so you only pay for the box! Always good, so no hidden postage fees! They also do the options of completely one-off special boxes, like their thank you and mystery boxes!

What do you get? – The best way to answer this is “all sorts” – stationary, sweets, accessories, wall art, jewellery, cards, craft bits! Its such a varied box! Each month has a different theme with contents to match that theme. Check out some of their previous boxes here!! Their name really does sum up their boxes as each one is exciting, all look great fun!

My box – The theme for Julys box was “Drama Queen” and it included a range of dramatic goodies! Including;

  • A wooden phone charger stand – this is such a simple but elegant design, something I’m sure I’ll start to use!
  • A start shaped bottle of orange face/craft glitter – this is very cute, not quite sure when/how I’ll use it yet but something will come up! (or it will become a gift)
  • A little notebook – with doted pages, I see a book for the line game here!
  • A “Fabulous” bracelet – a gold effect chain with the pendent made from wood – very cute, not really my style, but would make a great gift!
  • Three notecards with envelopes – I’m a great fan of sending post so these will certainly be useful!
  • A mini wall print/art card – “The show must go on” – very true words!
  • A bag of retro sweets – only contained about 6 foam sweets, tasty but probably could have done with a few more!


Opinion – I like this little box, its great fun and I enjoy the surprise of not knowing what you’ll get in the box! Its products are all good quality and often deigned especially for the boxes. With any subscription boxes you will always receive stuff you don’t like or don’t need, there are certainly a couple of gift ideas to give to friends from this box!

Would I have it again? – Yes. I would, overall its great fun and super cute! Would also make a lovely little present for a friend!


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