Dolls House Renovation

I haven’t really done much on my blog over the last couple of weeks so thought I’d write something about a little project I’ve started, or rather re-started!

Over 11 years ago my parents bought me a rather fancy dollhouse kit which I started to build with my dad. It was great fun and something I always enjoyed playing with, even though 11 years later it still wasn’t completely finished, mainly missing a set of stairs and the upstairs walls/decorations. Recently with our house move looming I’ve been wondering what to do with it, I do like it as a piece of furniture as it is something rather unique. With this in mind I decided to renovate the whole house, not just finishing it but giving the whole house a much more modern look. A lot of dollhouses are very victorian in style but I’d prefer to create something a lot more up-to-date. I also wanted to try to do it on a small budget (as much as possible).

The first step in my renovation was planning what I wanted to do. Originally the house layout was as follows; ground floor – kitchen and living room, first floor – master bedroom and bathroom, second floor – completely open, just one bedroom/playroom space.

Keeping in mind my modern theme I wanted to re-do the second floor – move the master bedroom up, add an en-suite and create an extra room which could become an office/music room. The original bedroom on the first floor could then become a spare/guest bedroom. Really I just wanted to create the ultimate show house!

With my plan in place I then headed off to B&Q where my mum and I walked around the wallpaper section picking out suitable samples for the dollhouse. This is a bit cheeky but a budget is a budget! I managed to get a good number of samples trying to imagine what each room would look like. You can buy specific dollhouse wallpaper online, but looking for something ultra modern, B&Q has the most up-to-date styles (and samples are free). I  bought some square dowel rods to create two new sets of banister rails and a 9mm thick A3 piece of MDF. As a great tip I’d recommend finding the “cut-offs” section in B&Q, the MDF piece was only 50p, the prefect size for what I needed!

Since then I have re-shaped both sets of stairs, cut out the correct sizes for the stair openings and filled in landings. This was the more challenging part, making sure I got all the dimensions correct so it would fit properly. I have also started to re-wallpaper and re-floor (also with wallpaper) some of the rooms. I have a selection of before and after photos below to show the current progress.

Above: Living room – before and after. Walls and floor have both been redone. Floor is actually a stripy wood effect wallpaper which looks great for flooring! Overall it looks a lot more fresh and airy. The wallpaper is also slightly glittery which really helps brighten the whole room.

Above: Kitchen – before and after. Again floor is wallpaper, looks perfectly like large kitchen tiles! The kitchen is also a lot brighten than before getting rid of the dark flooring. I haven’t put the table and chairs back in yet, I’m going to attempt to repaint them to make them lighter. For this room I still need use some white paint on the ceiling to get rid of previous glue marks. I will be getting a new light at some point.

Over the next few weeks I hope to have the main decoration finished. To this date the whole project has only cost £2.60, this however will start to increase as I begin to look for new lights and furniture for the house. I am greatly pleased with the work I’ve done so far, its really starting to look much better!


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