Why having a clear out is so refreshing…

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have just finished university and am in the process of looking for my own rented house along with currently moving house with my parents. It’s actually rather useful that we are all moving as its making the three of us (my parents and me) have a very large clear out of our current house.

Over the last few days I have spent a lot of time in our loft going through what feels like endless boxes! I have also been doing the same in my bedroom with all my draws and cupboards. Together we have all found a lot of stuff which we no longer need, many of it has just been forgotten as its been out of sight.

Although it can be hard “getting rid” of stuff which has personal meaning, I find that it is rather refreshing! Its nice going back over memories of things but also clearing out gives a great sense of looking toward the future, starting a new chapter. It also makes me feel much more like an adult!

I say “getting rid” in quotation marks as there is a number of ways in which we are doing this! Not everything needs to get thrown into the bin or taken down to the tip! A local primary school asked for toys/games/teddy bears for their summer fair, as a child I was (still am) a great teddy bear collector, I had hundreds! A lot of which will currently be finding new homes at the schools fair or within the schools nursery! Knowing that they won’t just be thrown out is a nice thought for objects which you have had a personal connection with, it also makes it a lot easier to do!

Secondly – eBay – You have to choose wisely for eBay in order to be successful with it, especially when it comes to working out how much things are worth vs postage costs. When finding things we’d aways have a phone or iPad near-by to check if/what prices they are selling for on eBay. Sometimes I was very surprised! If anyone reading this has a collection of Polly Pockets from the 1990s I recommended putting them on eBay, I’ve sold a fair few, including a few which have sold for over £20, one near £40! So definitely worth it, and has paid for my graduation!

Third – Car boot sale – Pretty much anything can be taken down to a car boot sale, and you’ll find someone who will be looking for what you have as long as you don’t overprice yourself. We have agreed that we are happy offering things at lower prices just to make sure we do make sales and get rid of stuff! Car boots are great fun to do too!

Finally – Charity shops – After a car boot sale we go back through everything we haven’t sold and work out what would be better to take down to a local charity shop. Its is really useful as it gets rid of stuff in bulk, generally bits you don’t think you’d be able to sell yourself. Its also the quickest and easier option if you don’t want to try to sell things.

Of course this is just a few ways, you can make all sorts of donations to lots of different places and even take select items to antique shops or auction rooms. But if you feel like you’re a little to cluttered its well worth spending a day going through everything and working out what you can “get rid” of! Its great to do in the summer too with local fairs and loads of car boot sales!

Happy tidying! Cx.


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