Facetory – unboxing

A few weeks ago I came across Facetory on Instagram, their box looked so good that I ordered straight away! I have also been on the look out for a Korean face mask box after hearing a lot of good things about them! Get a $2 discount using the link at the end of this post!

Cost – Facetory has two different plans, their FOUR-ever fresh box at $5.95 plus  $2.95 shipping and their SEVEN LUX at $15.95 play $3.95 shipping. This shipping cost includes postage to the UK. I paid around £22 for the SEVEN LUX box. Billing is monthly and you can cancel at any time!

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 17.29.11

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Alternative Advent Calendars 2017

Over the last couple of years there has been a surge in “alternative” advent calendars, in which you receive 24 gifts each day throughout advent which have nothing to do with chocolate! I have previously had the Yankee candle calendar in 2015 and the Sanctuary Spa calendar in 2016.

How do you choose which calendar? – is the big question that faces you when looking for an advent calendar. For me I usually set a budget and then just hunt around! But of course the calendars can be split down into different categories which really helps with choice! If your a beauty fan, go beauty- like a tipple, find something boozy.

Therefore while looking for this years calendar of choice I decided to pull together a list of (in my opinion) the best calendars out there for under £55.



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Product of the month – Madhouse Melts

For august I’ve chosen Madhouse melts wax melts as my product of the month! I adore candles and wax melts so when I came across them on Instagram I decided to try them out!

The Company – Madhouse Melts is a small business based in Northampton, UK. All of their wax melts are handmade! Go check them out here!

The Products – Wax melts; single, mini, snapbars. All different shapes and colours! The snapbars are great, as they mean you can chose how much you want to melt and control how strong/weak the scent is! They also sell wax melt holders which are super cute!

Price – Currently all of their wax melts are £1.50! A great price for a bespoke, handmade wax melt! Definitely value for money with how large they are too! Snapbars are £5 which again are great value for money! Postage is usually £1.99 which again is a great price, and it’s always worth keeping an eye on their social media pages as they sometimes do free postage promotions!

Overall Opinion – Fantastic! – not only are the products amazing but the service is great too! Really prompt dispatch and delivery! Your order comes in a neat box, packaged well with a little hand written, personalitied thank you card! Such a lovely personal touch! A great treat for yourself or a wonderful gift! Everyone who comes around to my house at the moment comments on how nice it smells, all thanks to Madhouse Melts!

If you want to order yourself or a friend a little treat use “Claire” for a 10% discount off your order! 

I can’t wait to get melting and order some more! I am also looking forward to watching this lovely little company grow with more products!


Kylie Cosmetics – Real vs Fake

Due to the sheer size and scale of social media it is hard to escape the reach of brands, Kylie Cosmetics is one of the biggest, with 13.9 million followers on Instagram alone! With this huge influence and a few personal recommendations I decided to give Kylie Cosmetics a go for myself!


However, living in the UK poses a slight problem with Kylie Cosmetics – finding the right place to buy it. This actually should be easy as Kylie Cosmetics is the ONLY place you will find genuine products – at a cost. (the sneaky customs charge is a bit of a pain, I wasn’t expecting the extra £15 charge from Royal Mail saying it couldn’t be delivered as customs hadn’t been paid – Kylie Cosmetics really needs to solve this as its unfortunately a common problem, although in the small print in FAQ they do warn you, a tad sneaky in my opinion still – it should be made clearer at checkout!)

If cost is a problem there are a lot of similar products at cheaper prices, or even fake versions of Kylie Cosmetics. Here you need to be careful, fakes are after all fakes, with trusted brands you at least know whats going into the product! Although, I actually decided it would be interesting to buy some fakes and really see if theres that much of a difference…

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Me My Suit and Tie – Guest Review

The following review is written by a good friend of mine (Kirsty) who has recently tried out the Me My Suit and Tie and volunteered to write a review for it which I could publish for her on my blog! With that in mind, the floor (or page) is over to Kirsty;

So Me My Suit and tie, seemingly a great concept! the idea of getting different items every month that quirk up the month in the office, to bring a smile to your day with the promise of a new tie and colourful matching socks and a variance of other items you may need. So to start with, the ordering process was pretty simple, on the website memysuitandtie.com, they offer a monthly or bi-monthly subscription and the first month is an amazing half price at £15 with the code MMST at checkout!

Delivery however wasn’t great, the box was a bit damaged and I had to contact them several times to receive it initially as they were having issues with their distributor, this didn’t help me remain positive regarding their service, but I did eventually receive the box about 10-13days late.

The box itself was a very classy black making it feel semi-luxury although I was very disappointed that it didn’t have anything inside to let you know the months theme, or about the company, hints to the next month, literally nothing to make it feel like a continuing box and absolutely no personal touches. In my box, which I bought as a gift for my boyfriend was a knitted purple tie to match spring colours and a matching pair of socks of good quality! They also sent metal branded collar inserts a nice change from the plastic ones you usually find in most shirts. It also included a purple berry pin, this was a bit random, a bit cute but felt a little strange although usable. The box was finished with a purple and white pocket square which if you were going for an event like a wedding could be a nice summery touch.

Overall it is probably a nice gift and definitely worth the price for the first box but hard to think about being an ongoing customer with a £30 price tag, no visibility on what you may be receiving (although some months have definitely had £30 worth; including belts) and no personal touches, I literally could go to a shop like Debenhams and buy a tie, so why would I use them regularly? A tough but honest review! Definitely would recommend getting the first box, just as £15 is a great price for the contents and its a bit quirky. Hopefully they continue to improve as they expand as it’s definitely a worthwhile treat concept.

Boxcitement – July review

My second subscription box this month was from Boxcitement, another one to tick off my long list!

Cost – £18 for a one-off. Price does drop for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. There is free postage so you only pay for the box! Always good, so no hidden postage fees! They also do the options of completely one-off special boxes, like their thank you and mystery boxes!

What do you get? – The best way to answer this is “all sorts” – stationary, sweets, accessories, wall art, jewellery, cards, craft bits! Its such a varied box! Each month has a different theme with contents to match that theme. Check out some of their previous boxes here!! Their name really does sum up their boxes as each one is exciting, all look great fun!

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PawsomeBox – July Review

With looking for lots of different subscription boxes I couldn’t wait to try out a pet one, so this month I went for Pawsome Box! My parents have a 3yr old cocker spaniel, so I went on the hunt for a dog subscription box. There are a fair number on the market but I decided to go for Pawsome Box after seeing some good reviews and photographs.

Cost – The one-off price is £19.90 per month, as with many subscription boxes you do get a bit of a discount if you pay one-off amounts for 3, 6 and 12 months.

What do you get? – Each box contains 5-6 products. This varies from toys (soft and chewy), treats, accessories, health products. All of these are said to be high quality with the average retail prices for each box being over £30. You specify the size of your dog during the subscription phase along with hair length and type so the boxes are suitable for your pet!


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